fitness, both physical and mental!

Our vision is to make fitness a driver for positive change for our planet and people.

Our mission is to inspire people to be active, and to create sustainable, high-performing and comfortable activewear that protects our planet, people and health. No compromises.

Our mantra is to BE BETTER. To be better to ourselves and in living more active lives, to the environment, to each other – and to strive to be a better version of ourselves every single day.

Our “ikigai” and purpose for existing are the three main areas of fitness, sustainability and community.
They are symbolized by the “Tri” (=three) of the name Botalka ; and “Pulse” stands for “the pulse or energy of life”.


Botalka is all about being active – be it a HIIT workouts, running in the woods, going for a brisk walk, or doing yoga – we love all kinds of sports and activities – anything that makes you active.

We believe that fitness, both physical and mental, is the foundation for a good and healthy life and gives people the courage to live the life they dreamed of, to become their best selves, to make bold moves and to change the world for the better.

Botalka embraces energy, activity, a positive spirit and a “can-do” attitude.

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